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Anxiety Management Counseling

Marina Gonzalez-Ang offers counseling and anxiety management therapy to children and youth, parents and families, and individuals in Eastern Massachusetts.

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Counseling Logistics and Frequently-Asked Questions

    Where would my/our counseling sessions take place?

    That is up to you. Marina offers in-home counseling sessions, which is often the most comfortable setting for families and individuals. Telehealth sessions are also an option. Venue preferences would be discussed during your free intake consultation.

    What is in-home counseling?

    Also known as a “house call,” in-home counseling enables personalized treatment that is remarkably effective and convenient. Rather than traveling to an office, Marina will come to you, as she has found that working with families in their own homes provides a transformative environment for creating and implementing realistic therapeutic interventions.

    What can I/we expect in counseling?

    Home-based sessions typically run from 60-90 minutes, however the frequency and duration of sessions will be unique to you and your goals. Once you and Marina have discussed your approach to change, you will collaboratively generate a personalized plan.

    How do I/we get started?

    First, contact Marina to schedule a 20- to 30-minute phone consultation. You can expect to discuss your reasons for seeking therapy, and Marina will ask pertinent questions to determine if she is the right person to help you. During this time, you will discuss fees and Marina will answer any questions you have about her practice.

    If Marina believes that she is a good fit for your needs, the next step will be an intake appointment, which is generally 90 minutes to two hours. In this appointment, you are interviewing Marina to decide if you agree that she is the right fit for your goals. Note that this appointment will not be comparable to a typical session. You will fill out mandatory forms (confidentiality, HIPAA, payment contract, etc.) and work together with Marina to decide what treatment will look like.

    What are Marina’s fees?

    Because you will collaboratively work with Marina to determine the duration, frequency, and approach of your therapy, there is no “one size fits all” fee. You will discuss fees specific to your needs in your initial phone consultation.

    Marina also offers a limited number of sliding scale spots for those clients dealing with financial hardship.

    Does Marina take insurance?

    No. Some insurers will reimburse you for counseling expenses, however Marina does not accept insurance. This arrangement provides clients with a number of advantages, such as:


    1. Control over your care, including choice of counselor and length of treatment;
    2. Increased privacy and confidentiality (within legal limitations);
    3. No diagnosis of a mental health disorder on your medical record; and
    4. Freedom to consult on issues not billable by insurance (e.g., coping with life changes, learning effective interpersonal communication techniques, increasing personal insight, and/or developing healthy new skills).

    Focus Areas

    Adolescent Therapy
    Art Therapy
    Child/Youth Anxiety Counseling
    Child/Youth Development
    Child/Youth Anxiety Disorder
    Child/Youth Mental Health
    Child/Youth Anxiety Reduction
    Child/Youth Anxiety Therapy

    Child/Youth Anxiety Treatment
    Children’s Yoga
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Family Therapy
    Individual Counseling
    Mental Health Counseling
    Parent-Child Relationships
    Parenting and Anxiety

    Parent Coaching
    Parent Communication
    Parent Education
    Play Therapy
    School Refusal
    Student Counseling
    Yoga Instruction