Individual Counseling

Counseling and Anxiety Management Therapy for Individuals

Marina Gonzalez-Ang is a Massachusetts anxiety therapist. While she specializes in working with parents, children, and families, the core principles of valuable therapeutic support hold true for all individuals. In a home-based cognitive behavioral therapy setting, Marina works with Eastern Massachusetts clients to retrain the brain to better understand our own anxious thoughts and emotions. Often, we ascribe outcomes to situations, and not to our automatic and unquestioned thoughts and feelings about those situations.

Many think of counseling as an exercise in relaxation, and while that is certainly one benefit of working with Marina’s supportive and calming approach, it is also an exercise in hard work. Via the application of consistent techniques (for example, journaling), in working with Marina, you will begin to develop a better awareness of when anxiety is going to show up, how to break negative patterns when it does, and how to replace behaviors that add to one’s anxiety with behaviors that reduce it. This is not merely academic practice for Marina, who has struggled with her own anxiety and has developed first-hand knowledge of how to best manage it.

Because each client is unique, Marina does not employ any “one size fits all” counseling programs, nor does she offer outlandish claims that she will be the source of all solutions to any challenges her clients may face. Rather, her strength lies in her innate empathy, as she assists clients in becoming their own change agents. With an array of practical strategies, tactics, tools, and techniques to draw from, Marina helps clients implement and maintain interventions that extend not just to the close of one’s last counseling session, but to one’s entire lifetime.

If you are ready to make a positive change, please contact Marina now.

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