YOGA Marina Gonzalez Ang
YOGA Marina Gonzalez Ang

Therapeutic Yoga: The Mind-Body Connection in Anxiety and Depression Management

Anxiety lives in the future. It thrives when we become overly worried about what might happen if we do (or do not do) something, or what might happen if someone else does (or does not do) something. Depression, on the other hand, lives in the past. We may reflect on what we or others have done and lament that we did not act or speak differently, or we may yearn to return to a past time we cannot relive.

While all of us must consider the future to some extent to make plans and live our lives, and while reflecting on the past can be a healthy way to take stock of one’s life, growth, and lessons learned, it is also important to find time to live in the present moment. Doing so is a core tenet of yoga.

A registered yoga teacher, Marina Gonzalez-Ang has frequently drawn upon therapeutic yoga to combat anxiety and depression for her Eastern Massachusetts clients. Yoga’s focus on mindfulness, living “in the now,” and mind-body connection is an ideal elixir for the anxious or depressed mind. Instead of worrying about next week’s work or feeling the pain of nostalgia for a time that will not return, yoga asks its practitioners to hit the “pause” button on past and future concerns so that one may be fully focused on the current moment. Many of those who try yoga, including skeptics, find that taking this step into the present tense makes future demands feel more manageable, and past concerns less worrisome.

Those in counseling sometimes find that they are “too much in their head.” By emphasizing the mind-body connection, yoga allows practitioners to give their brains a break while remaining engaged. Yoga can take many forms, from mild breath work to slow movement to more strenuous activity. Marina recognizes that yoga is not for everyone. However, for clients interested in the refreshing liberation of living in the present moment, Marina enjoys sharing this fun, helpful practice.

If you are interested in trying therapeutic yoga, please contact Marina for more information.

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